January 6, 2017

Tresemmé gives you good hair

I have naturally straight hair but being a 90’s girl big curly hairs ruled the trend and I wanted one. Then came the new millennia wherein unnatural straight strings were the fab. I had my hair rebond done with this really strong and very expensive treatment called L'Oreal Extenso. My hair straightened up like a wig, no waves at all and I hated it. But when the ointment simmered down after a few days I fell in love with straight hair again.

To maintain it, I discovered Tresemme’ to be very helpful. It helped me lessen the trips to the hair salon by keeping the straightening treatment bonded for more than a year.

I am very glad we have it available now in Manila. It is more affordable than kerastasse but works quite the same way. I was lucky enough to discover it after doing rebond treatments to my hair, because a girl needs all the help she could get for continuous good hair days.

December 10, 2016

Popping some Kettle Popcorn

While staying in the hospital with my sister, who had her appendix taken out, we bought food that I can eat while watching movies on cable TV so I will not fall asleep. The choices I had were very limited when I went to the convenience store in front of the hospital. Although I am not much of a popcorn fan, I grabbed two bags of Kettle Corn. One was salted and the other was cheese flavored.

I was pleasantly surprised that there is a hint of caramel sweetness in both variants. For the cheese flavored one, it was an interesting mixture of cheesiness, saltiness, and sweetness. It definitely kept me awake while watching movies and my sister. I felt full that one bag of popcorn lasted the whole night long. I ate the salty one the following day. It was sweet with just a hint of saltiness.

I will definitely get some Kettle Corns next time I need some snacks.

December 2, 2016

A Proud Drums Owner

My uncle Jordan taught me how to play the drums when I was a kid. At first I had problems with the beat, but after I got the hang of it, I soon learned to enjoy playing it. Being a child at that time, I did not have my own drum set. To practice, I had to befriend people who owned one, or stay behind after school to access the music room.

After I graduated and had a job, I decided that now was the time to get my own drums. I saved up money and bought the infinte looper as soon as I was able to. It was my first drums, and I felt immensely proud to own it. No longer do I have to rely on other people to play, or even practice.

November 5, 2016

That Luxurious Feeling

Massage has become very popular for people who are working in a high pressured environment. It used to be a luxury but is now a primary tool to combat stress. It has become a regular practice especially for call center people who work at night and need the healing benefits of massage after a long week at work.

There are different techniques to choose from and a lot of places offer a variety of services to go with it. Some use herbs to relax the customer and others oil as a form of moisturizer. There are hard or soft massages depending on the person’s preferences. It is up to the person to decide on which will best suit their needs.

October 11, 2016

Reality TV

Do you remember when TV programs were all rated PG-13? What happened to TV programs that had family values? In the 70’s & early 80’s it was unheard of to see people making love on TV or using harsh language. Cable TV has opened up a window that can never be closed now. You would never see a couple in the same bed or women in their underwear on TV shows or commercials. You can’t watch a program today without some sort of cussing or fighting in them, even the children cartoons are violate. We live in a society where Reality TV is the most popular shows on TV.

Reality TV programs cover all aspects of life from work experiences to everyday life experiences. Society seems to enjoy the pain and misery of others who expose their personal business on TV. Such programs are exposing children to things they should not have to see at young ages. Parents are allowing their children to watch shows that are not age appropriate. This is a problem that most parents seem to overlook. Many parents don’t understand the damage that is being caused by some of these TV programs. It is easy for a parent to say “go watch TV” not realizing what the children are watching. Parental control settings are now available to protect young children from being exposed to adult content.