October 11, 2016

Reality TV

Do you remember when TV programs were all rated PG-13? What happened to TV programs that had family values? In the 70’s & early 80’s it was unheard of to see people making love on TV or using harsh language. Cable TV has opened up a window that can never be closed now. You would never see a couple in the same bed or women in their underwear on TV shows or commercials. You can’t watch a program today without some sort of cussing or fighting in them, even the children cartoons are violate. We live in a society where Reality TV is the most popular shows on TV.

Reality TV programs cover all aspects of life from work experiences to everyday life experiences. Society seems to enjoy the pain and misery of others who expose their personal business on TV. Such programs are exposing children to things they should not have to see at young ages. Parents are allowing their children to watch shows that are not age appropriate. This is a problem that most parents seem to overlook. Many parents don’t understand the damage that is being caused by some of these TV programs. It is easy for a parent to say “go watch TV” not realizing what the children are watching. Parental control settings are now available to protect young children from being exposed to adult content.

September 20, 2016

Grandpa and His Passion in Music

The moment I saw my friend’s portable sound system, I began to think about my grandfather. In my point of view, he was great in every way, especially when it comes to music. He was very knowledgeable about a lot of different kinds of musical instruments, especially woodwinds. One of his favorites maybe the saxophone.

I still remember the day that he invited me to see him play saxophone with his band at a local bar, and based on what I’ve witnessed, he’s really good. I know of a few saxophonists around town, but by far, my grandfather was the most unique among all of them. He always cleaned his sax every night after he played a bit. How I really miss my grandfather, especially the way he moves when he was playing his sax.

September 13, 2016

My Music Obsessed Family

We have a recording studio inside our home with a drum kit and a saxophone, electric guitars, basses, a violin, a piano, keyboard, phat cats, tons of pignose amps and wires everywhere. Everything musical squeezed into our small home. Most of our family money is spent on musical instruments.

My mother sings and plays the piano a bit, I play the sing, play piano and violin and a bit of the drums. My sister plays the drums, a bit of the piano and saxophone. My Dad is an amazing guitar player, sings a bit, plays the drums and piano and is pretty good at just playing just anything. I am very proud of them even sometimes we make our neighbours crazy.

September 7, 2016

The Late Friday Nights Movies

Internet so far has been very good for everybody. The ease with which it afforded us in everything is an excessive source of convenience. Imagine sending messages that instantly got response and talking face to face with whomever you want; seeing personally their reactions to certain things you discuss. Gauging their sincerity and the intensity of their vehemence. Look at what internet has accomplished so far in terms of advancement and compulsion for the modern society people. Movies are brought to our household in the comforts of our sofas, bed and favorite lounge chair by internet. We can watch how many movies we want and can handle in one day without going out and getting stuck in traffic jams with the help of the internet at home.

The latest movies that rocked the box office were downloaded by my daughter into her laptop for her school was out for repairs for one week. A quake had cracked their stairwell and the school was advised to temporarily suspend classes and repair the stairwell. Out of the seven that she had cued for download only three were HD movies. One is the Rise of The Guardians, the other two were Life of Pi and Monster Inc. 2 these were the three movies they repeatedly watched for one week lounging around me in the den while I work scattering all the cushions in the carpet.

The younger child wailing every morning “Our school too is closed for reprepairs?” Having a hard time pronouncing the word repair since it is new vocabulary for him. The three older kids who are all in the same school stared at him trying to melt his ire with their stare to no avail. In the afternoon when he is home all the older ones go to sleep on my other side while he took over his place in front of the laptop marking his turf with the cushions from the receiving room. I on the other hand am very happy. Internet has all my children staying home around me. Well I’m going to upgrade my subscription to a faster mbps connection to keep them that way.

August 4, 2016

A fun cardio workout

Working out can be very stressful and tiresome especially if you’re alone or your regimen doesn’t involve fun at all. If you’re not enjoying your exercise, you may end up early and get very minimal to no results at all. So if you plan to lose weight, it is a great help to have a fun exercise routine to keep you going and burning those calories.

A Colombian dance fitness program called Zumba has received fame worldwide due to its fun method of exercise, with its combined choreography of hip-hop, salsa, belly dance moves and more, it has been the trending exercise method for most people. The program also uses upbeat and contemporary songs that almost everyone can dance to the tune.